Multiuse Trails Coalition Research Page


Research on Preventing Trail Erosion

Discouraging Off-Trail Hiking to Protect Park Resources

Trekking Poles: Can You Save Your Knees and the Environment?

Assessing and Understanding Trail Degradation


Research on Trail Erosion and Mountain Biking

Impacts of Experimentally Applied Mountain Biking and Hiking on Vegitation and Soil In A Deciduous Forest

Trampling Effects of Mountain Biking and Hiking In A Grassland Park

Erosional Impact of Hikers, Horses, Motorcycles, and Off-Road Bicycles on Mountain Trails in Montana

A Comparative Study of Impacts to Mountain Bike Trails in Five Common Ecological Regions of the Southwestern U.S.

Open Space Advisory Committee Impact Memo, Jefferson County, CO

Natural Resource Impacts of Mountain Biking

Off-Road Impacts of Mountain Bikes


Research on Trail Use and Wildlife Impacts

Responses of Desert Bighorn Sheep To Iincreased Human Recreation

Wildlife Responses To Recreation And Associated Visitor Perceptions

Reactions of Male Alpine Chamois Rupicapra

Research on Resolving Conflicts

USFS Mountain Bicycle Planning

State Park Trail Conflicts and Resolution Strategies



Trail Construction and Maintenance Notebook

Handtools For Trail Work

The Economics and Benefits of Mountain Biking

Trail Building School Presentation

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