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Welcome to our maps page, home of maps of Santa Barbara's Front Country Trails for your mobile device, maps for you GPS device, Desktop Computer, and the Interactive Trail Maintenance Map (ITMMAP). For more information on GPS files click here, the Interactive Trail Maintenance Map click here, for your desktop click here.

Mobile Maps For The Mobile Device
Mobile Maps of Santa Barbara's Trails are now accessible using QR codes. For QR code page click here.

GPS Files

GPX files of the entire Santa Barbara Front Country Trail system are available here for use in your GPS device. This file contains all trails, trail heads, points of interest and peaks. Selecting each of the(Trail Head) symbols will give detailed info on the trail, distances, destinations, and elevations. This file contains 48 tracks, 76 waypoints and is 1.5 MB in size, make sure your GPS device is able to handle this size of file before attempting to install. On Garmin Oregon series once installed go to track manager then select "show on map" to make the trails or "tracks" visible. Other devices follow manufacturer instructions when loading GPX files.

Current gpx file, 6/11- Santa_Barbara_Front_Country_Trails_v1.gpx

Right mouse click and save if above link does not download


Santa Barbara Front Country Trails Map For Your Desktop

View the entire front country trail system on your home computer.

This file contains the same data as the Mobile Maps and gps files- including all trails, trail heads, points of interest, and peaks. Clicking each of the symbols or trails will give detailed info on the trail, distances, destinations, and elevations.

View the embedded trail map directly from your web browser (Google Earth Plug-In Req'd) View Map

Download and view the kmz file using Google Earth or Arc GIS Explorer


Elings Park Virtual Map

Take a tour of Virtual Tour of Elings Park using Google Earth. Almost all trails and symbols have videos and photos embedded in them.
Franklin Trail Map
Take a virtual tour of the recently re-opened Franklin Trail:


Interactive Trail Maintenance Map(ITMMAP)

The idea behind this map was essentially to make our trails better through technology. We wanted to create something that would be easy for people to use, inexpensive to make, and allow all trail volunteers and agencies to see current trail maintenance needs. This map, a first of it's kind anywhere as the title says, is interactive. Any piece of info including photos or descriptions can be inserted into the symbols; double clicking will activate this information and display it on the screen. Clicking on a given trail also gives information about current trail conditions and previous maintenance. This is very useful to keep track of areas needing work.

View the current ITMMAP in Google Earth on your home PC or Mac-

Updated - 1/24/17 - All Front Country Trails updated


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